Taylor Swift the Life Story You May Not Know

Born in 1989, the songstress had a fairly normal childhood, spending her early years on a Christmas tree farm with her parents and younger brother. 

Although Swift wanted to be a musician before she even hit double digits, it wasn't until 2004 that she captured the public's attention

By 2009, Swift was a well-known celebrity (even more so after being infamously interrupted on stage by Kanye West at that year's MTV Video Music Awards).

When she was asked to host an episode of "Saturday Night Live," Swift raised the bar for future guests when she became the first celebrity to write—or rather, sing—her own opening monologue.

Throughout the years, Swift appeared in a fair number of films, from "The Giver" to "The Lorax." But her more casual fans might be shocked to know her big-screen debut was actually 2010's "Valentine's Day," in which Swift had a small role as the ditzy, high school girlfriend of another famous Taylor:

In 2012, all of Swift's recording, record-setting, and touring earned her the top spot on Forbes' "Highest-Earning Celebrities Under 30" list. According to the outlet, she pulled in $57 million that year, thanks in large part to her "Speak Now" tour.

n 2014, Swift became the first—and as-of-yet only—woman to win the award twice. At the ceremony, the presenter highlighted the fact that Swift had charted 60 entries on the Billboard Hot 100, a record for any female artist at the time. As of today, Swift has had 168 entries on the chart, more than most other musicians of any gender.

In 2015, Swift moved from her native Tennessee to New York City. The move cemented a major change in her music style—a shift from country to pop—and was an overall turning point in her career.

To celebrate the milestone, she donated $50,000 of the proceeds from her single "Welcome to New York" to NYC public schools. It's not the only time the celeb has given away major chunks of her fortune.