The 5 Cheapest Caribbean Islands for a Budget-Friendly Getaway

In fact, beach vacations are the most popular type of vacation among U.S. travelers, with 57% of travelers preferring a beach vacation among other destinations.

While long, lazy days on Caribbean shores often come with a hefty price tag, don't sticker shock scare you out of an unforgettable beach vacation.

These five islands are among the cheapest Caribbean islands, perfect for a warm-weather getaway among the sand and waves;

You'll be shocked at how affordable your ideal Caribbean vacation could be!


With an incredible mix of charming historical cities, world-class beaches, stunning tropical rainforests, and adventure travel activities you'll never forget, Cuba is a Caribbean island destination with a bit of something for everyone.


The Bahamas are world famous for their untouched beaches, but did you know that The Bahamas can also make for an affordable Caribbean vacation?


Leave the passport at home! U.S. citizens won't need it to visit this vibrant island paradise, easily accessible from the mainland with countless direct flights from a variety of cities.